MA2033-Linear Algebra-2013S4

*Problems from the other lecturer is attached.
*Eigenvalue problem for a general Linear Transformation will not be tested. You will be asked only about the Eigenvalue problem for real square matrices.
*You will NOT get a link to his lecture notes from my website.
*You will be able to see your total continuous assessment grade online before the final. Criteria: 5* 3(MIDs)+3* 5(TESTs)=30.
*You will be given a chance to resubmit Tests if you have not completed the required 5 out of 12 Tests.


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MA2033-Test2-Solutions-2013S4.pdf49.47 KB
MA2033-Test3-Solutions-2013S4.pdf50.62 KB
MA2033-Test4-Solutions-2013S4.pdf53.13 KB
MA2033-Test5-Solutions-2013S4.pdf83.66 KB
MA2033-Test6-Solutions-2013S4.pdf55.67 KB
MA2033-Test7-Solutions-2013S4.pdf57.99 KB
MA2033-Test8-Solutions-2013S4.pdf52.29 KB
MA2033-Test9-Solutions-2013S4.pdf60.88 KB
MA2033-Test10-Solutions-2013S4.pdf60.53 KB
MA2033-Test11-Solutions-2013S4.pdf44.09 KB
MA2033-Test12-Solutions-2013S4.pdf256.3 KB
MA2033-MID1A-Solutions-2013S4.pdf47.88 KB
MA2033-MID1B-Solutions-2014S4.pdf78.56 KB
MA2033-MID2-Solutions-2013S4.pdf42.9 KB
MA2033-MID3-Solutions-2013S4.pdf43.19 KB
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