Welcome to the Department of Mathematics


Message from Head of Department


As Head of Department, I have the fortune of being part of a team of academics in the department itself as well as in other departments who have identified the importance of mathematics and statistics in all the fields of engineering sciences.

          The vision of the department is to be recognized nationally as well as internationally for its excellence in teaching and research in both mathematics and statistics. 

With refurbishment  of the department during the latter part of the year 2012, the department has now a vibrant outlook. The department has acquired a new computer laboratory  for the practicals in  Matlab, Minitab and SPSS for undergraduate and postgraduate students besides new equipment, furniture, two lecturer rooms with modern facilities and a seminar room on a special grant of  the University Grant Commission.

Mathematics is one of the oldest academic discipline and is one of the most developed discipline of basic sciences, particularly to solve problems in engineering sciences. We consider mathematics  The Queen of Engineering Sciences. Statistics is a versatile subject to derive inferences from sample data and drawing conclusions for decision making. Considering the above facts, staff in mathematics provides knowledge  to all the departments in the university equipping undergraduates with the necessary mathematical and statistical knowledge to improve their analytical skills and to use mathematics and statistics to solve engineering problems.

Our course modules are designed to address both theory and practice thereby creating enthusiasm for mathematics and statistics among engineering students. The department offers a variety of common modules and some tailor-made modules for other departments depending on their requirements.

The department offers three M.Sc. taught courses: (i) Operational Research (OR), (ii) Financial Mathematics (FM) and (iii) Business Statistics (BS). In Sri Lanka, the masters degrees in OR and BS are conducted only by our department. Each course has a research project of 20 credits for the masters degree and a mini project of four credits for the diplomas in addition to minimum of 36 credits of coursework. We also offer research degrees leading to M Phil and Ph D in various areas in applied statistics and mathematics.

The department provides free statistical advisory service for university community. We are very proud to state that the number of students getting statistical advisory has  increased over the years.  The department staff also supports other universities in Sri Lanka. The department has collaborations with government departments and other organizations.  

The Mathematical Society of the university functions under the guidance of the department.

I warmly welcome all students to this Society and their active participation.

I wish the staff and the department  a better future.


Prof. TSG Peiris